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Biology Handwritten Notes in Hindi PDF Download

Biology Handwritten Notes in Hindi PDF Download

Biology Handwritten Notes in Hindi PDF Download

Hello Friends, Today we are sharing Biology Handwritten Notes in Hindi PDF Download. Biology Handwritten Hindi Notes is very
helpful for various competitive exams like SSC CGL, CHSL, RRB, Insurance, Bank
and Sarkari exams. The General Science
Biology pdf
is prepared & compiled by Diwakar Gupta and the credit goes
to him. You may download Biology Notes from the link provided
given below.

to Download Biology Handwritten Notes in Hindi PDF -I

Some Important Biology One Liners for Various exams. PDF file is given at the bottom.

☞: Name the structural and function unit of all life forms – Cell
☞: Who discovered cell – Robert Hooke
☞: Who discovered nucleus of the cell – Robert Brown
☞: Cells are made up of __________ – Protoplasm
☞: Outer covering of a cell is called ________ and it is made up of _________ – Plasma, lipids & proteins
☞: Nucleus and cytoplasm are contained in _________of the cell – Cell Membrane
☞: Which part of the cell is its controlling centre – Nucleus
☞: What does DNA contain? – Genetic Information that is passed from one generation to another
☞: What does RNA contain? – It is genetic carrier of some microorganisms (e.g. HIV)
☞: What is the main component of cell wall in case of plant cells? – Cellulose
☞: Which part of the cell is also known as digestive bag?- Lysosomes
☞: __________ is known as “powerhouse of the cell”- Mitochondria
☞: What are protein made of? – Amino Acid
☞: Name the vitamins that are water soluble and that are fat soluble? – A,D,E,K are fat soluble and B,C are water soluble
☞: Name the vitamin that is important for blood coagulation – Vitamin K
☞: What kind of disease is malaria? – Malaria is a protozoan disease caused by protozoan parasite plasmodium.
☞: Name the plant tissues responsible for transportation of water and food in plants- Xylem transports water and Phloem transport food.
☞: What are cartilage, blood, bones, tendons and ligaments?- Connective Tissues
☞: Why is Blood Red in Color? – Due to the presence of RBC’s that contain red colored pigment called Haemoglobin.
☞: What is the role of WBC’s ? – WBC’s contain Antibodies that protect human body from infections.
☞: Where are blood cells manufactured? – In bone marrow from stem cells
☞: Name two nitrogen fixation bacteria- Azotobacter and rhizobium
☞: The branch of biology under which the living organisms and their relation with their surroundings is studied is known as – Ecology
☞: Promotion of algae in a water body due to the increase in amount of falling industrial and sewage water decreases the BOD of water and depletes the dissolved oxygen is called – Eutrophication.
☞: What is BOD? -Biochemical oxygen Demand also called Biological oxygen demand is the amount of dissolved oxygen needed by aerobic biological organisms to break down organic material present in a given water sample at certain temperature over a specific time period.
☞: Why is EEG(Electro Encephalo Gram) used? – It detects electrical activity in your brain using small, flat metal discs (electrodes) attached to your scalp.
☞: Which glands are also known as Ductless Glands? – Endocrine
☞: Largest bone in Human Body – FEMUR
☞: Shortest bone in Human Body – STAPES or STIRRUL Bone (in the middle ear)
☞: The gland which is both endocrine as well as exocrine – Pancreas

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Biology Handwritten Notes in Hindi PDF Download
Biology Handwritten Notes in Hindi PDF Download

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