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Cloud Computing Important Question and Answers

Cloud Computing Important Question and Answers

Computing Important Question and Answers

1) what is the default operating system of
google cloud shell
Ans: Debian-based Linux operating system
is the default operation system of Google Cloud Shell.

2) what companies provide cloud
computing services
Ans: The following are top companies which are providing cloud services.
1) Google Cloud

2) IBM Cloud

3) Amazon
Web Services (AWS)

4) Alibaba

5) Microsoft

6) SAP


8) Oracle

9) VMWare

Rackspace Cloud

3) what is a cloud based business?
Ans: Cloud Service Providers or Cloud companies both are same, and these are offer
services or applications on the cloud.

4) what companies offer cloud computing?

1) Amazon Web Services
2) Microsoft Azure
3) Google Cloud
4) Alibaba Cloud
5) IBM
6) Dell Technologies or VMWare
7) Hewlett Packard Enterprise
8) Cisco Systems
9) Salesforce
10) Oracle
11) SAP
12) Workday
13) Adobe
14) Service Now

5) what is the architecture of cloud computing?

Ans: Service Oriented Architecture and Event Driven Architecture

6) what is a cloud computing environment?
Ans: Cloud computing environment is a hosted computer services over the
internet for IT Enterprisers.  The
services are servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and

7) what is snowflake computing?
Snowflake serves a wide range of technology areas and also enables
data storage, processing, and analytic solutions that are faster processing, security
and privacy, easier to use and maintenance.   

8) what is a cloud server used for?
Ans: Cloud servers can perform all the functionalities like a general computer
server, which enables storage, processing, security & Privacy and

9) what is pc cloud backup?
Ans: PC Cloud backup is a service which can do backed up of data and
applications on a remote server.

10) what comes after cloud computing?
Ans: Sky Computing and Edge Computing

11) what is a cloud service model?

Ans: IaaS,
PaaS and SaaS are the three most popular models of cloud service.

12) what is a cloud computing
Ans: Cloud architecture is the way technology components combine to build a
cloud, in which resources are pooled through virtualization technology and
shared across a network.

13) what are some examples of cloud
Ans: Dropbox,Facebook,Gmail, Banking and Financial Services, Health Care,
Education, Government, Big Data, Communication , Business etc.

14) what is elastic computing?
Ans: Elastic cloud computing is the ability to quickly increase or decrease
computer processing, memory, and storage resources as per the requirements.

15) what is google compute engine?
Ans: Google Compute Engine (GCE) is an Infrastructure of a cloud service (IaaS)
which allows to clients to run applications or virtual machines on Google’s infrastructure.

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Cloud Computing Important Question and Answers
 Cloud Computing Important Question and Answers

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