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English Vocabulary with Hindi Meaning – Master Wordlist – C

English Vocabulary with Hindi Meaning – Master Wordlist – C

English Vocabulary with Hindi Meaning – Master Wordlist – C 

Hello Friends, Today we are sharing with you English Vocabulary with Hindi Meaning. This is very helpful/useful for various competitive exams.

Sr No. Word शब्द Meaning Example
1 cabal साज़िश small group of persons secretly
united to promote their own interests
The cabal was defeated when its
scheme was discovered.
2 cache कैश hiding place The detectives followed the
suspects until he led them to the cache where he had stored his loot.
3 cacophony कोलाहल discord Some people seem to enjoy the
cacophony of an orchestra that is tuning up.
4 cadaver शव corpse In some states, it is illegal to
dissect cadavers.
5 cadaverous शव का like a corpse; pale From his cadaverous appearance,
we could see how the disease had ravaged him.
6 cadence ताल rhythmic rise and fall (of words
or sounds); beat
Marching down the road, the
troops sang out, following the cadence set by the sergeant.
7 cajole झूठ बोलना coax; wheedle I will not be cajoled into
granting your wish.
8 calamity आपदा disaster; misery As news of the calamity spread,
offers of relief poured in to the stricken community.
9 caliber बुद्धि का विस्तार ability; capacity A man of such caliber should not
be assigned such menial tasks.
10 calligraphy सुलेख beautiful writing; excellent
As we examine ancient
manuscripts, we became impressed with the calligraphy of the scribes.
11 callous कठोर hardened; unfeeling He had worked in the hospital
for so many years that he was callous to the suffering in the wards.
12 callow अनुभवहीन youthful; immature In that youthful movement, the
leaders were only a little less callow than their immature followers.
13 calorific कैलोरिफिक heat-producing Coal is much more calorific than
green wood.
14 calumny चुगली malicious misrepresentation He could endure his financial
failure, but he could not bear the calumny that his foes heaped upon him.
15 camaraderie सौहार्द good-fellowship What he loved best about his job
was the sense of camaraderie he and his co-workers shared.
16 cameo कैमिया shell or jewel carved in relief Tourists are advised not to
purchase cameos from the street peddlers of Rome who sell poor specimens of
the carver’s art.
17 canard बेबुनियाद ख़बर unfounded rumor It is almost impossible to
protect oneself from such a base canard.
18 candor स्पष्टवादिता frankness The candor and simplicity of his
speech impressed all, it was all clear he held nothing back.
19 canine कुत्ते का related to dogs; doglike Some days the canine population
of Berkeley seems almost to outnumber the human population.
20 canker नासूर any ulcerous sore; any evil Poverty is a canker in the body
politic; it must be cured.
21 canny चालाक shrewd; thrifty The canny Scotsman was more than
a match for the swindlers.
22 cant खिचड़ी भाषा pious phraseology; jargon of
Angry that the president had
slashed the education budget, we dismissed his speech on the importance of
education as mere cant.
23 cantankerous झगड़ालू ill-humored; irritable Constantly complaining about his
treatment and refusing to cooperate with the hospital staff, he was a
cantankerous patient.
24 cantata कंटाटा story set to music, to be sung
by a chorus
The choral society sang the new
cantata composed by its leader.
25 canter पाखंडी slow gallop Because the racehorse had
outdistanced its competition so easily, the reporter wrote that the race was
won in a canter.
26 canto कंटो division of a long poem Dante’s poetic masterpiece The
Divine Comedy is divided into cantos.
27 canvass वोट मांगना determine or seek opinions,
votes, etc.
After canvassing the sentiments
of his constituents, the congressman was confident that he represented the
majority opinion of his district.
28 capacious विशाल spacious In the capacious areas of the
railroad terminal, thousands of travelers lingered while waiting for their
29 capillary केशिका having a very fine bore The changes in surface tension
of liquids in capillary vessels is of special interest to physicists.
30 capitulate शर्त पर हथियार डाल देना surrender The enemy was warned to
capitulate or face annihilation.
31 caprice मौज whim She was an unpredictable
creature, acting on caprice, never taking thought of the consequences.
32 capricious मौजी fickle; incalculable The storm was capricious and
changed course constantly.
33 caption शीर्षक title; chapter heading; text
under illustration
I find the captions that
accompany these cartoons very clever and humorous.
34 captious छिद्रान्वेषी faultfinding His criticisms were always
captious and frivolous, never offering constructive suggestions.
35 carafe पिचर glass water bottle With each dinner, the patron
receives a carafe of red or white wine.
36 carapace कछुवे की पीठ की हड्डी shell covering the back (of a
turtle, crab, etc)
At the children’s zoo, Richard
perched on top of the giant turtle’s hard carapace as it slowly made its way
around the enclosure.
37 carat कैरट unit of weight for precious
stones; measure of fineness of gold
He gave her a diamond that
weighed three carats and was mounted in an eighteen-carat gold band.
38 carcinogenic कासीनजन causing cancer Many supposedly harmless
substances have been revealed to be carcinogenic.
39 cardinal कार्डिनल chief If you want to increase your
word power, the cardinal rule of vocabulary-building is to read.
40 careen झुक जाना lurch; sway from side to side The taxicab careened wildly as
it rounded the corner.
41 caricature कारटूनवाला distortion; burlesque The caricatures he drew always
emphasized personal weaknesses of the people he burlesqued.
42 carillon Carillon set of bells capable of being
The carillon in the bell tower
of the Coca-Cola pavilion at the New York World’s Fair provided musical
entertainment every hour.
43 carnage नरसंहार destruction of life The carnage that can be caused
by atomic warfare adds to the responsibilities of our statesmen.
44 carnal कामुक fleshly The public was more interested
in carnal pleasures than in spiritual matters.
45 carnivorous मांसभक्षी meat-eating The lion is a carnivorous
46 carousal डटकर शराब पीना drunken revel The party degenerated into an
ugly carousal.
47 carping छिद्रान्वेषी petty criticism; fault-finding Welcoming constructive
criticism, Lexy appreciated her editor’s comments, finding them free of
48 carrion सड़ा हुआ rotting flesh of a dead body Buzzards are nature’s
scavengers; they eat the carrion left behind by other predators.
49 cartographer काटोग्रफ़र map-maker Though not a professional
cartographer, Tolkien was able to construct a map of the fictional world.
50 cascade झरना small waterfall We could not appreciate the
beauty of the many cascades as we made detours around each of them to avoid
getting wet.
51 caste जाति one of the hereditary classes in
Hindu society, social stratification; prestige
The differences created by caste
in India must be wiped out if true democracy is to prevail in that country.
52 castigation सज़ा punishment; severe criticism Sensitive even to mild
criticism, Woolf could not bear castigation that she found in certain
53 casual आकस्मिक accidental; not regular or
permanent; careless; informal
It can be argued that physical
laws can be casual as well as inveterate, since it is based on an induction.
54 casualty दुर्घटना serious or fatal accident The number of automotive
casualties on this holiday weekend was high.
55 cataclysm प्रलय deluge; upheaval A cataclysm such as the French
Revolution affects all countries.
56 catalyst उत्प्रेरक agent that brings about a
chemical change while it remains unaffected and unchanged
Many chemical reactions cannot
take place without the presence of a catalyst.
57 catapult गुलेल slingshot; hurling machine Airplanes are sometimes launched
from battleships by catapults.
58 cataract मोतियाबिंद great waterfall; eye abnormality She gazed with awe at the mighty
cataract known as Niagara Falls.
59 catastrophe तबाही calamity The Johnstown flood was a
60 catechism जिरह book for religious instruction;
instruction by question and answer
He taught by engaging his pupils
in a catechism until they gave him the correct answer.
61 categorical स्पष्ट without exceptions; unqualified;
Though the captain claimed he
was never, never sick at sea, he finally qualified his categorical denial; he
was hardly ever sick at sea.
62 catharsis साफ़ हो जाना purging or cleansing of any
passage of the body
Aristotle maintained that
tragedy created a catharsis by purging the soul of base concepts.
63 cathartic भेदक purgative Some drugs act as laxatives when
taken in small doses but act as cathartics when taken in much larger doses.
64 catholic कैथोलिक universal; wide-ranging liberal He was extremely catholic in his
taste and read everything he could find in the library.
65 caucus कोकस private meeting of members of a
party to select officers or determine policy
At the opening of Congress the
members of the Democratic Party held a caucus to elect the majority leader of
the House and the party whip.
66 caulk गहनी करना to make watertight (by plugging
When water from the shower
leaked into the basement, we knew it was time to caulk the tiles at the edges
of the shower stall.
67 causal करणीय implying a cause-and-effect
The psychologist maintained
there was a causal relationship between the nature of one’s early childhood
experiences and one’s adult personality.
68 caustic काटू burning; sarcastically biting The critic’s caustic remarks
angered the hapless actors who were the subjects of his sarcasm.
69 cauterize दाग़ना burn with hot iron or caustic In order to prevent infection,
the doctor cauterized the wound.
70 cavalcade घुड़सवार-दल procession; parade As described by Chaucer, the
cavalcade of Canterbury pilgrims was motley group.
71 cavalier घुड़सवार casual and offhand; arrogant Sensitive about having her ideas
taken lightly, Marcia felt insulted by Mark’s cavalier dismissal of her
72 cavil झूठा इलज़ाम make frivolous objections I respect your sensible
criticisms, but I dislike the way you cavil about unimportant details.
73 cede सौंपना transfer; yield title to I intend to cede this property
to the city.
74 celerity ज्लदी speed; rapidity Hamlet resented his mother’s
celerity in remarrying within a month after his father’s death.
75 celestial आकाशीय heavenly She spoke of the celestial joys
that awaited virtuous souls in the hereafter.
76 celibate अविवाहित abstaining from sexual
intercourse; unmarried
Though the late Havelock Ellis
wrote extensively about sexual customs and was considered an expert in such
matters, recent studies maintain he was celibate throughout his life.
77 censor सेंसर overseer of morals; person who
eliminates inappropriate matter
Soldiers dislike having their
mail read by a censor but understand the need for this precaution.
78 censorious सख़्त critical censorious people delight in
casting blame.
79 censure निंदा blame; criticize He was censured for his
inappropriate behavior.
80 centaur सेंटो mythical figure, half man and
half horse
I was particularly impressed by
the statue of the centaur in the Roman Hall of the museum.
81 centigrade सेंटीग्रेड denoting a widely used
temperature scale (basically same as Celsius)
On the centigrade thermometer,
the freezing point of water is zero degrees.
82 centrifugal केंद्रत्यागी radiating; departing from the
Many automatic drying machines
remove excess moisture from clothing by centrifugal force.
83 centrifuge अपकेंद्रित्र machine that separates
substances by whirling them
At the dairy, we employ a
centrifuge to separate cream from milk.
84 centripetal केंद्राभिगामी tending toward the center Does centripetal force or the
force of gravity bring orbiting bodies to the earth’s surface?
85 centurion सेंचुरियन Roman army officer Because he was in command of a
company of one hundred soldiers, he was called a centurion.
86 cerebral सेरिब्रल pertaining to the brain or
The content of philosophical
works is cerebral in nature and requires much thought.
87 cerebration मस्तिष्क का कार्य thought Mathematics problems sometimes
require much cerebration.
88 ceremonious औपचारिक marked by formality Ordinary dress would be in
appropriate at so ceremonious an affair.
89 cessation समाप्ति stopping The workers threatened a
cessation of all activities if their demands were not met.
90 cession रियायत yielding to another; ceding The cession of Alaska to the
United States is discussed in this chapter.
91 chafe मसलना warm by rubbing The collar chafed his neck.
92 chaff फूस worthless products of an
When you separate the wheat from
the chaff, be sure you throw out the chaff.
93 chaffing chaffing bantering; joking Sometimes his flippant and
chaffing remarks annoy us.
94 chagrin चिढ़ vexation; disappointment Her refusal to go with us filled
us with chagrin.
95 chalice प्याला goblet; consecrated cup In a small room adjoining the
cathedral, many ornately decorated chalices made by the most famous European
goldsmiths were on display.
96 chameleon गिरगिट lizard that changes color in
different situations
Like the chameleon, he assumed
the political coloration of every group he met.
97 champion चैंपियन support militantly Martin Luther King, Jr., won the
Nobel Peace Prize because he championed the oppressed in their struggle for
98 chaotic अराजक in utter disorder He tried to bring order into the
chaotic state of affairs.
99 charisma प्रतिभा divine gift; great popular charm
or appeal
Political commentators have
deplored the importance of a candidate’s charisma in these days of television
100 charlatan मायावी quack; pretender to knowledge When they realized that the
Wizard didn’t know how to get them back to Kansas, Dorothy and her friends
were sure they’d been duped by a charlatan.
101 chary सावधान cautious; sparing or restrained
about giving
A prudent, thrifty New
Englander, DeWitt was as chary of investing money in junk bonds as he was
chary of paying people unnecessary compliments.
102 chase पीछा ornament a metal surface by
With his hammer, he carefully
chased an intricate design onto the surface of the chalice.
103 chasm खाई abyss They could not see the bottom of
the chasm.
104 chassis हवाई जहाज़ के पहिये framework and working parts of
an automobile
Examining the car after the
accident, the owner discovered that the body had been ruined but that the
chassis was unharmed.
105 chaste पवित्र pure Her chaste and decorous garb was
appropriately selected for the solemnity of the occasion.
106 chasten दंड देना discipline; punish in order to
Whom God loves, God chastens.
107 chastise दंड देना punish I must chastise you for this
108 chauvinist अंधराष्ट्रीवादी blindly devoted patriot A chauvinist cannot recognize
any faults in his country, no matter how flagrant they may be.
109 check चेक stop motion; curb or restrain Thrusting out her arm, Grandma
checked Bobby’s lunge at his sister. “Young man,” she said,
“you’d better check your temper.”
110 checkered विविध marked by changes in fortune During his checkered career he
had lived in palatial mansions and in dreary boardinghouses.
111 cherubic चेस्र्ब सा angelic; innocent-looking With her cheerful smile and rosy
cheeks, she was a particularly cherubic child.
112 chicanery झूठा इलज़ाम trickery Your deceitful tactics in this
case are indications of chicanery.
113 chide डांटना scold Grandma began to chide Steven
for his lying.
114 chimerical असाध्य fantastic; highly imaginative Poe’s chimerical stories are
sometimes too morbid for reading in bed.
115 chivalrous राजपूत का courteous; faithful; brave chivalrous behavior involves
noble words and good deeds.
116 choleric चिड़चिड़ा hot-tempered His flushed, angry face
indicated a choleric nature.
117 choreography नृत्यकला art of dancing Martha Graham introduced a form
of choreography that seemed awkward and alien to those who had been brought
up on classic ballet.
118 chronic जीर्ण long established, as a disease The doctors were finally able to
attribute his chronic headaches and nausea to traces of formaldehyde gas in
his apartment.
119 chronicle इतिवृत्त report; record (in chronological
The gossip columnist was paid to
chronicle the latest escapades of the socially prominent celebrities.
120 churlish अक्खड़ boorish; rude Dismayed by his churlish manners
at the party, the girls vowed never to invite him again.
121 ciliated रोमक having minute hairs The paramecium is a ciliated,
one-celled animal.
122 cipher सिफ़र nonentity; worthless person or
She claimed her ex-husband was a
total cipher and wondered why she had ever married him.
123 cipher सिफ़र secret code Lacking his code book, the spy
was unable to decode the message sent to him in cipher.
124 circlet चूड़ी small ring; band This tiny circlet is very costly
because it is set with precious stones.
125 circuitous चक्करदार roundabout Because of the traffic
congestion on the main highways, she took a circuitous route.
126 circumlocution कपटपूर्ण बातें indirect or roundabout
He was afraid to call spade a
spade and resorted to circumlocutions to avoid direct reference to his
127 circumscribe प्रतिबंध लगाना limit; confine Although I do not wish to
circumscribe your activities, I must insist that you complete this assignment
before you start anything else.
128 circumspect चौकस prudent; cautious Investigating before acting, she
tried always to be circumspect.
129 circumvent दरकिनार outwit; baffle In order to circumvent the
enemy, we will make two preliminary attacks in other sections before starting
our major campaign.
130 citadel गढ़ fortress The citadel overlooked the city
like a protecting angel.
131 cite अदालत में तलब करना quote; commend She could cite passages in the
Bible from memory.
132 civil नागरिक having to do with citizens or
the state; courteous and polite
Although internal Revenue
Service agents are civil servants, they are not always civil to suspected tax
133 clairvoyant भेदक having foresight; fortuneteller Cassandra’s clairvoyant warning
was not heeded by the Trojans.
134 clamber संघर्ष climb by crawling She clambered over the wall.
135 clamor कोलाहल noise The clamor of the children at
play outside made it impossible for her to take a nap.
136 clandestine गुप्त secret After avoiding their chaperon,
the lovers had a clandestine meeting.
137 clangor clangor loud, resounding noise The blacksmith was accustomed to
the clangor of hammers on steel.
138 clapper घंटे का लटकन striker (tongue) of a bell Wishing to be undisturbed by the
bell, Dale wound his scarf around the clapper to muffle its striking.
139 clarion बिगुल shrill, trumpetlike sound We woke to the clarion to muffle
its striking.
140 claustrophobia क्लौस्ट्रफ़ोबिया fear of being locked in His fellow classmates laughed at
his claustrophobia and often threatened to lock him in his room.
141 clavicle हंसली collarbone Even though he wore shoulder
pads, the football player broke his clavicle during a practice scrimmage.
142 cleave फोड़ना split asunder The lightening cleaves the tree
in two.
143 cleft फांक split Erosion caused a cleft in the
huge boulder.
144 clemency दया disposition ot be lenient;
mildness, as of the weather
The lawyer was pleased when the
case was sent to Judge Smith’s chambers because Smith was noted for her
clemency toward first offenders.
145 cliche क्लीषे phrase culled in meaning by
High school compositions are
often marred by such cliches as “strong as an ox.”
146 clientele ग्राहक body of customers The rock club attracted a young,
stylish clientele.
147 climactic चरम relating to the highest point When he reached the climactic
portions of the book, he could not stop reading.
148 clime जलवायु region; climate His doctors advised him to move
to a milder clime.
149 clique गिरोह small, exclusive group She charged that a clique had
assumed control of school affairs.
150 cloister मठ monastery or convent The nuns lived in the cloister.
151 clout रसूख great influence (especially
political or social)
Gatsby wondered whether he had
enough clout to be admitted to the exclusive club.
152 cloying cloying distasteful (because excessive);
excessively sweet or sentimental
Disliking the cloying sweetness
of standard wedding cakes, Jody and Tom chose a homemade carrot cake for
their reception.
153 coagulate जमना thicken; congeal; clot Even after you remove the
pudding from the burner, it will continue to coagulate as it stands.
154 coalesce संगठित होना combine; fuse The brooks coalesce into one
large river.
155 coda कोडा concluding section of a musical
or literary composition
The piece concluded with a
distinctive coda that strikingly brought together various motifs.
156 coddle लाड़ प्यार करना treat gently; pamper Don’t coddle the children to
much; they need a taste of discipline.
157 codicil उपदित्सा supplement to the body of a will This codicil was drawn up five
years after the writing of the original will.
158 codify सांकेतिक शब्दों में बदलना arrange (laws, rules) as a code;
We need to take the varying
rules and regulations of the different health agencies and codify them into a
national health code.
159 coercion बलात्कार use of force They forced him to obey, but
only by great coercion.
160 coeval समवयस्क living at the same time as;
coeval with the dinosaur, the
pterodactyl flourished during the Mesozoic era.
161 cog दांत tooth projecting from a wheel A bicycle chain moves through a
series of cogs in order to propel the bike.
162 cogent ठोस convincing She presented cogent arguments
to the jury.
163 cogitate सोचना think over cogitate on this problem; the
solution will come.
164 cognate आत्मीय related linguistically; allied
by blood; similar or akin in nature
The English word
“mother” cognate to the Latin word “mater,” whose
influence is visible in the words “maternal” and
165 cognitive संज्ञानात्मक having to do with knowing or
perceiving related to the mental precesses
Though Jack was emotionally
immature, his cognitive development was admirable; he was very advanced
166 cognizance हस्तक्षेप knowledge During the election campaign,
the two candidates were kept in full cognizance of the international
167 cohere गुथना stick together Solids have a greater tendency
to cohere than liquids.
168 cohesion एकजुटता tendency to keep together A firm believer in the maxim
“Divide and conquer,” the emperor, by lies and trickery, sought to
disrupt the cohesion ofthe free nations.
169 cohorts साथियों armed band Caesar and his Roman cohorts
conquered almost all of the known world.
170 coiffure बाल बनाने का प्रकार hairstyle You can make a statement with
your choice of coiffure: in the 60’s many African-Americans affirmed their
racial heritage by wearing their hair in Afros.
171 coincident मुनासिब occurring at the same time Some people find the coincident
events in Hardy’s novels annoyingly improbable.
172 colander कोलंडर utensil with perforated bottom
used for straining
Before serving the spaghetti,
place it in a colander to drain it.
173 collaborate सहयोग work together Two writers collaborated in
preparing this book.
174 collage महाविद्यालय work of art put together from
Scraps of cloth, paper doilies,
and old photographs all went into her collage.
175 collate मुक़ाबला करना examine in order to verify
authenticity; arrange in order
They collated the newly found
manuscripts to determine their age.
176 collateral सहायक security given for loan The sum you wish to borrow is so
large that it must be secured by collateral.
177 collation मिलान a light meal Tea sandwiches and cookies were
offered at the collation.
178 colloquial बोल-चाल का pertaining to conversational or
common speech
Your use of colloquial
expressions in a formal essay such as the one you have presented spoils the
effect you hope to achieve.
179 colloquy आम बोलचाल informal discussion I enjoy our colloquies but I
sometimes wish that they could be made more formal and more searching.
180 collusion मिलीभगत conspiring in a fraudulent
The swindlers were found guilty
of collusion.
181 colossal भारी huge Radio City Music Hall has a
colossal stage.
182 colossus प्रकांड व्यक्ति gigantic statue The legendary Colossus of
Rhodes, bronze statue of the sun god that dominated the harbor of the Greek
seaport, was one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
183 comatose अचैतन्य का in a coma; extremely sleepy The long-winded orator soon had
his audience in a comatose state.
184 combustible दहनशील easily burned After the recent outbreak of
fires in private homes, the fire commissioner ordered that all combustible
materials be kept in safe containers.
185 comely सुदर्शन attractive; agreeable I would rather have a poor and
comely wife than a rich and homely one.
186 comestible खाद्य something fit to be eaten The roast turkey and other
comestibles, the wines, and the excellent service made this Thanksgiving
dinner particularly memorable.
187 comeuppance फटकारना rebuke; deserts After his earlier rudeness, we
were delighted to see him get his comeuppance.
188 comity शिष्टाचार courtesy; civility A spirit of comity should exist
among nations.
189 commandeer किलेवार to draft for military purposes;
to take for public use
The policeman commandeered the
first car that approached and ordered the driver to go to the nearest
190 commemorative स्मरणीय remembering; honoring The new commemorative stamp
honors the late Martin Luther King, Jr.
191 commensurate अनुरूप equal in extent Your reward will be commensurate
with your effort.
192 commiserate सहानुभूति प्रकट करना feel or express pity or sympathy
Her friends commiserated with
the widow.
193 commodious विस्तृत spacious and comfortable After sleeping in a small
roadside cabins, they found their hotel suite commodious.
194 communal सांप्रदायिक held in common; of a group of
When they were divorced, they
had trouble dividing their communal property.
195 compact सघन agreement; contract The signers of the Mayflower
Compact were establishing a form of government.
196 compact सघन tightly packed; firm; brief His short, compact body was
better suited to wrestling than to basketball.
197 compatible संगत harmonious; in harmony with They were compatible neighbors,
never quarreling over unimportant matters.
198 compelling सम्मोहक overpowering; irresistible in
The prosecutor presented a
well-reasoned case, but the defense attorney’s compelling arguments for
leniency won over the jury.
199 compendium सारांश brief, comprehensive summary This text can serve as a
compendium of the tremendous amount of new material being developed in this
200 compensatory प्रतिपूरक making up for; repaying Can a compensatory education
program make up for the inadequate schooling he received in earlier years?
201 complacent प्रसन्न self-satisfied There was a complacent look on
his face as he examined his paintings.
202 complaisant मेहरबान trying to please; obliging The courtier obeyed the king’s
orders in a complaisant manner.
203 complement पूरक complete; consummate; make
The waiter recommended a glass
of port to complement the cheese.
204 compliance अनुपालन conformity in fulfilling
requirements; readiness to yield
The design for the new school
had to be in compliance with the local building code.
205 compliant शिकायत yielding He was compliant and ready to go
along with his friends’ desires.
206 complicity सहापराध participation; involvement You cannot keep your complicity
in this affair secret very long; you would be wise to admit your involvement
207 component अवयव element; ingredient I wish all the components of my
stereo system were working at the same time.
208 comport समान होना bear one’s self; behave He comported himself with great
209 composure मानसिक संतुलन mental calmness Even the latest work crisis
failed to shake her composure.
210 compound यौगिक combine; constitute; pay
interest; increase
The makers of the popular cold
remedy compounded a nasal decongestant with an antihistamine.
211 comprehensive व्यापक thorough; inclusive This book provides a
comprehensive review of verbal and math skills for the SAT.
212 compress पुलटिस close; squeeze; contract She compressed the package under
her arm.
213 comprise समावेश करना include; consist of If the District of Columbia were
to be granted a statehood, the United States of America would comprise
fifty-onestates, not just fifty.
214 compromise समझौता adjust; endanger the interests
or reputation of
Your presence at the scene of
the dispute compromises our claim to neutrality in this matter.
215 compunction मलाल remorse The judge was especially severe
in this sentencing because he felt that the criminal had shown no compunction
for his heinous crime.
216 compute गणना करना reckon; calculate He failed to compute the
interest, so his bank balance was not accurate.
217 concatenate जुटना link as in a chain It is difficult to understand
how these events could concatenate as they did without outside assistance.
218 concave नतोदर hollow The back-packers found partial
shelter from the storm by huddling against the concave wall of the cliff.
219 concede स्वीकार करना admit; hield Despite all the evidence Monica
had assembled, Mark refused to concede that she was right.
220 conceit दंभ whimsical idea; extravagant
He was an entertaining
companion, always expressing himself in amusing conceits and witty turns of
221 concentric गाढ़ा having a common center The target was made of
concentric circles.
222 conception धारणा beginning; forming of a idea At the first conception of the
work, he was consulted.
223 concerted ठोस mutually agreed on; done
The girl scouts in the troop
made a concerted effort to raise funds for their annual outing, and emitted a
concerted sigh when their leader announced that they had reached their goal.
224 concession रियायत an act of yielding Before they could reach an
agreement, both sides had to make certain concessions.
225 conciliatory मिलाप करनेवाला reconciling; soothing She was still angry despite his
conciliatory words.
226 concise संक्षिप्त brief and compact When you define a new word, be
concise; the shorter the definition, the easier it is to remember.
227 conclave गुप्त सभा private meeting He was present at all their
conclaves as an unofficial observer.
228 conclusive निर्णयात्मक decisive; ending all debate When the stolen books turned up
in John’s locker, we finally had conclusive evidence of the identity of the
mysterious thief.
229 concoct गढ़ना prepare by combining; make up in
How did the inventive chef ever
concoct such strange dish?
230 concomitant सहगामी that which accompanies Culture is not always a
concomitant of wealth.
231 concord सामंजस्य harmony Watching Tweediedum and
Tweedledee battle, Alice wondered why the two brothers could not manage to
life in concord.
232 concur मिलना-जुलना agree Did you concur with the decision
of the court or did you find it unfair?
233 concurrent समवर्ती happening at the same time In America, the colonists were
resisting the demands of the mother contry; at the concurrent moment in
France, the middle class was sowing the seeds of rebellion.
234 condescend स्वीकर करना bestow courtesies with a
superior air
The king condescended to grant
an audience to the friends of the condemned man.
235 condign लायक़ adequate; deservedly severe The public approved the condign
punishment for the crime.
236 condiments मसालों seasonings; spices Spanish food is full of
237 condole शोक प्रकट करना express sympathetic sorrow His friends gathered to condole
with him over his loss.
238 condone मिलाप करना overlook; forgive; give tacit
approval; excuse
Unlike Widow Douglass, who
condoned Huck’s minor offenses, Miss Watson did nothing but scold.
239 conducive अनुकूल helpful; contributive Rest and proper diet are
conducive to good health.
240 conduit पाइपलाइन aqueduct; passageway for fluids Water was brought to the army in
the desert by an improvised conduit from the adjoining mountain.
241 confidant विश्वासपात्र trusted friend He had no confidants with whom
he could discuss his problems at home.
242 confiscate ज़ब्त करना seize; commandeer The army confiscated all
available supplies of uranium.
243 conflagration आग great fire In the conflagration that
followed the 1906 earthquake, much of San Francisco was destroyed.
244 confluence संगम flowing together; crowd They built the city at the
confluence of two rivers.
245 conformity अनुपालन harmony; agreement In conformity with our rules and
regulations, I am calling a meeting of our organization.
246 confound उलझाना confuse; puzzle No mystery could confound
Sherlock Holmes for long.
247 congeal जमाना freeze; coagulate His blood congealed in his veins
as he saw the dread monster rush toward him.
248 congenial अनुकूल pleasant; friendly My father loved to go out for a
meal with congenial companions.
249 congenital जन्मजात existing at birth His congenital deformity
disturbed his parents.
250 conglomeration समूह mass of material sticking
In such a conglomeration of
miscellaneous statistics, it was impossible to find a single area of
251 congruence अनुरूपता correspondence of parts;
harmonious relationship
The student demonstrated the
congruence of the two triangles by using the hypotenuse-arm theorem.
252 conifer शंकुधर वृक्ष pine tree; cone-bearing tree According to geologists, the
conifers were the first plants to bear flowers.
253 conjecture अनुमान surmise; guess I will end all your conjectures;
I admit I am guilty as charged.
254 conjugal वैवाहिक pertaining to marriage Their dreams of conjugal bliss
were shattered as soon as their temperaments clashed.
255 conjure जादू summon a devil; proactive magic;
imagine; invent
He conjured up an image of a
reformed city and had the voters completely under his spell.
256 connivance प्रशय pretense of ignorance of
something wrong; assistance; permission to offend
With the connivance of his
friends, he plotted to embarrass the teacher.
257 connoisseur विशेषज्ञ person competent to act as judge
of art, ect.; a lover of an art
She had developed into a
connoisseur of fine china.
258 connotation अर्थ suggested or implied meaning of
an expression
Foreigners frequently are
unaware of the connotations of the words they use.
259 connubial वैवाहिक pertaining to maffige or the
matrimonial state
In his telegram, he wished the
newlyweds a lifetime of connubial bliss.
260 consanguinity रक्तसंबंध kinship The lawsuit developed into a
test of the consanguinity of the claimant to the estate.
261 conscientious ईमानदार scrupulous; careful A conscientious editor checked
every definition for its accuracy.
262 conscript भरती होनेवाला draftee; person forced into
military service
Did Rambo volunteer to fight in
Vietnam, or was he a conscript, drafted against his will?
263 consecrate ज्ञान देना dedicate; sanctify We shall consecrate our lives to
this noble purpose.
264 consensus आम सहमति general agreement The consensus indicates that we
are opposed to entering into this pact.
265 consequential अहम pompous; self-important Convinced of his own importance,
the actor strutted about the dressing room with a consequential air.
266 conservatory संरक्षिका school of the fine arts
(especiallymusic or drama)
A gifted violinist, Marya was
selected to study at the conservatory.
277 consign सुपुर्द करना deliver officially; entrust; set
The court consigned the child to
her paternal grandmother’s care.
278 consistency संगति absence of contradictions;
dependability; uniformity; degree of thickness
Holmes judged puddings and
explanations on their consistency; he liked his puddings without lumps and
his explanations without improbabilities.
279 console कंसोल lessen sadness or
disappointment; give comfort
When her father died, Marius did
his best to console Cosette.
280 consonance तालमेल harmony; agreement Her agitation seemed out of
consonance with her usual calm.
281 consort बातचीत करना associate with We frequently judge people by
the company with whom they consort.
282 consort बातचीत करना husband or wife The search for a consort for the
young Queen Victoria ended happily.
283 conspiracy साजिश treacherous plot Brutus and Cassius joined in the
conspiracy to kill Julius Caesar.
284 consternation आतंक anxiety, dismay Lincoln is famous for saying
that the consternations during the civil war had left him decrepit.
285 constituent घटक supporter The congressman received
hundreds of letters from angry constituents after the Equal Rights Amendment
failed to pass.
286 constraint बाधा compulsion; repression of
There was a feeling of
constraint in the room because no one dared to criticize the speaker.
287 construe टीका करना explain; interpret If I construe your remarks
correctly, you disagree with the theory already advanced.
288 consummate समाप्त complete I have never seem anyone who
makes as many stupid errors as you do; you must be a consummate idiot.
289 contagion छूत infection Fearing contagion, they took
drastic steps to prevent the spread of the disease.
290 contaminate दूषित pollute The sewage system of the city so
contaminated the water that swimming was forbidden.
291 contempt अपमान scorn; disdain Even if you feel superior to
others, it is unwise to show your contempt for them.
292 contend संघर्ष करना struggle; compete; assert
In Revolt of the Black Athlete,
sociologist Harry Edwards contends that young black athletes have been
exploited by some college recruiters.
293 contentious विवादास्पद quarrelsome We heard loud and contentious
noises in the next room.
294 contest प्रतियोगिता dispute The defeated candidate attempted
to contest the election results.
295 context प्रसंग writings preceding and following
the passage quoted
Because these lines are taken
out of context, they do not convey the message the author intended.
296 contiguous मिला हुआ adjacent to; touching upon The two countries are contiguous
for a few miles; then they are separated by the gulf.
297 continence संयम self-restraint; sexual chastity She vowed to lead a life of
298 contingent आकस्मिक conditional The continuation of this
contract is contingent on the quality of your first output.
299 contortions contortions twistings; distortions As the effects of the opiate
wore away, the contortions of the patient became more violent and
demonstrated how much pain she was enduring.
300 contraband तस्करी illegal trade; smuggling;
smuggled goods
The coast guard tries to prevent
contraband in U.S. waters.
301 contravene अवहेलना करना contradict; oppose: infringe on
or transgress
Mr. Barrett did not expect his
frail daughter Elizabeth to contravene his will by eloping with Robert
302 contrite पछताया हुआ penitent Her contrite tears did not
influence the judge when he imposed sentence.
303 contrived काल्पनिक forced; artificial; not
Feeling ill at ease with his new
in-laws; James made a few contrived attempts at conversation and then
retreated into silence.
304 controvert शर्त लगाना oppose with arguments;
To controvert your theory will
require much time but it is essential that we disprove it.
305 contumacious उद्दंड disobedient; resisting authority The contumacious mob shouted
defiantly at the police.
306 contusion नील bruise She was treated for contusions
and abrasions.
307 conundrum पहेली riddle; difficult problem During the long car ride, she
invented conundrums to entertain the children.
308 convene बुलाना assemble Because much is needed
legislation had to be enacted, the governor ordered the legislature to
convene in special session by January 15.
309 convention सम्मेलन social or moral custom;
established practice
Flying in the face of
convention, George Sand (Amandine Dudevant) shocked her contemporaries by
taking lovers and wearing men’s clothes.
310 conventional पारंपरिक ordinary; typical His conventional upbringing left
him wholly unprepared for his wife’s eccentric family.
311 conversant दक्ष familiar with The lawyer is conversant with all the evidence.
312 converse उलटा opposite The inevitable converse of peace is not war but annihilation.
313 convert बदलना one who has adopted a different religion or opinion On his trip to Japan, though the President spoke at length about the merits of American automobiles, he made few converts to his beliefs.
314 convex उत्तल curving outward He polished the convex lens of his telescope.
315 conveyance वाहन vehicle; transfer During the transit strike, commuters used various kinds of conveyances.
316 conviction दोषसिद्धि strongly held belief Nothing could shake his conviction that she was innocent.
317 convivial खुशनुमा festive; gay; characterized by joviality The convivial celebrators of the victory sang their college songs.
318 convoke समाह्वान करना call together Congress was convoked at the outbreak of the emergency.
319 convoluted जटिल coiled around; involved; intricate His argument was so convoluted that few of us could follow a it intelligently.
320 copious प्रचुर plentiful She had copious reasons for rejecting the proposal.
321 coquette नखरा दिखाना flirt Because she refused to give him an answer to his proposal of marriage, he called her a coquette.
322 cordial हार्दिक gracious; heartfelt Our hosts greeted us at the airport with a cordial welcome and a hearty hug.
323 cordon घेरा extended line of men or fortifications to prevent access or egress The police cordon was so tight that the criminals could not leave the area.
324 cornice कंगनी projecting molding on building (usually above columns) Because the stones forming the cornice had been loosened by the storms, the police closed the building until repairs could be made.
325 cornucopia cornucopia horn overflowing wiht fruit and grain; symbol of abundance The encyclopedia salesman claimed the new edition was a veritable cornucopia of information, an inexhaustible source of knowledge for the entire family.
326 corollary परिणाम consequence; accompaniment Brotherly love is a complex emotion, with a sibling rivalry its natural corollary.
327 corporeal मूर्त bodily; material He was not a churchgoer; he was interested only in corporeal matters.
328 corpulent चर्बीयुक्त very fat The corpulent man resolved to reduce.
329 correlation सह-संबंध mutual relationship He sought to determine the correlation that existed between ability in algebra and ability to interpret reading exercises.
330 corroborate मंडित कतना confirm Unless we find a witness to corroborate your evidence, it will not stand up in court.
331 corrosive संक्षारक eating away by chemicals or disease Stainless steel is able to withstand the effects of corrosive chemicals.
332 corrugated नालीदार wrinkled; ridged She wished she could smooth away the wrinkles from his corrugated brow.
333 cosmic ब्रह्मांडीय pertaining to the universe; vast cosmic rays derive their name from the fact that they bombard the earth’s atmosphere from outer space.
334 coterie मंडली group that meets socially; select circle After his book had been published, he was invited to join the literary coteri that lunched daily at the hotel.
334 countenance मुखाकृति approve; tolerate He refused to countenance such rude behavior on their part.
335 countenance मुखाकृति face Whe Jose saw his newborn daughter, a proud smile spread across his countenance.
336 countermand countermand cancel; revoke The general countermand the orders issued in his absence.
337 counterpart समकक्ष a thing that completes another; things very much alike Night and day are counterparts.
338 coup तख्तापलट highly successful action or sudden attack As the news of his coup spread throughout Wall Street, his fellow brokers dropped by to congratulate him.
339 couple युगल join; unite The Flying Karamazovs couple expert juggling and amateur joking in their nightclub act.
340 courier संदेशवाहक messenger The publisher sent a special courier to pick up the manuscript.
341 covenant वाचा agreement We must comply with the terms of the covenant.
342 covert प्रच्छन्न secret; hidden; implied She could understand the covert threat in the letter.
343 covetous लोभी avaricious; eagerly desirous of The child was covetous by nature and wanted to take the toys belonging to his classmates.
344 cow गाय terrorize; intimidate The little boy was so cowed by the hulking bully that he gave up his lunch money without a word of protest.
345 cower cower shrink quivering, as from fear The frightened child cowered in the corner of the room.
346 coy विनीत shy; modest; coquettish She was coy in her answers to his offer.
347 cozen मूंड़ना cheat; hoodwink; swindle He was the kind of individual who would cozen his friends in a cheap card game but remain eminently ethical in all his business dealings.
348 crabbed crabbed sour; peevish The children avoided the crabbed old man because he scolded them when they made noise.
349 crass मूर्ख very unrefined; grossly insensible The philosophers deplored the crass commercialism.
350 craven डरपोक cowardly When he saw the enemy troops advancing, he had a craven impulse to run for his life.
351 credence प्रत्यय belief Do not place any credence in his promises.
352 credo मूलमंत्र creed I believe we may best describe his credo by saying that it approximates the Goldren Rule.
353 credulity भोलापन belief on slight evidence The witch doctor took advantage of the credulity of the superstitious natives.
354 creed पंथ system of religious or ethical belief In any loyal American’s creed, love of democracy must be emphasized.
355 crescendo तेज increase in the volume or intensity, as in a musical passage; climax The overture suddenly changed from a quiet pastoral theme to a crescendo featuring blaring trumpets and clashing cymbols.
356 crestfallen crestfallen dejected; dispirited We were surprised at his reaction to the failure of his project; instead of being crestfallen, he was busily engaged in planning new activities.
357 crevice दरार crack; fissure The mountain climbers found footholds in the tiny crevices in the mountainside.
358 cringe चापलूसी shrink back, as if in fear The dog cringed, expecting a blow.
359 criteria मानदंड standards used in judging What criteria did you use when you selected this essay as the prize winner?
360 crone Crone hag The toothless crone frightened us when she smiled.
361 crotchety सनकी eccentric; whimsical Although he was reputed to be a crochety old gentleman, I found his ideas substantially sound and sensible.
362 crux जड़ crucial point This is the crux of the entire problem.
363 crypt तहखाना secret recess or vault usually used for burial Until recently only bodies of rulers and leading statesmen were interred in this crypt.
364 cryptic गुप्त mysterious; hidden; secret His cryptic remarks could not be interpreted.
365 cubicle क्यूबिकल small chamberused for sleeping After his many hours of intensive study in the library he retired to his cubicle.
366 cuisine भोजन style of cooking French cuisine is noted for its use of sauces and wines.
367 culinary पाक relating to cooking Many chefs attribute their culinary skill to the wise use of spices.
368 cull चुनना pick out; reject Every month the farmer culls the nonplaying hens from his flock and sells them to the local butcher.
369 culmination परिणति attainment of highest point His inauguration as President of the United States marked the culmination of his political career.
370 culpable सदोष deserving blame Corrupt politicians who condone the activities of the gamblers are equally culpable.
371 culvert पुलिया artificial channel for water If we build a culvert under the road at this point, we will reduce the possibility of the road at this point, we will reduce the possibility of the road’s being flooded during the rainy season.
372 cumbersome बोझिल heavy; hard to manage He was burdened down with cumbersome parcels.
373 cumulative संचयी growing by addition Vocabulary building is a cumulative process: as you go through your flash cards, you will add new words to your vocabulary, one by one.
374 cupidity अर्थलिप्सा greed The defeated people could not satisfy the cupidity of the conquerors, who demanded excessive tribute.
375 curator क्यूरेटर superintendent; manager The members of the board of trustees of the museum expected the new curator to plan events and exhibitions that would make the museum more popular.
376 curmudgeon कृपण churlish, miserly individual Although he was regarded by many as a curmudgeon, a few of us were aware of the many kindnesses and acts of charity that he secretly performed.
377 cursive घसीट flowing, running In normal writing we run our letters together in cursive form; in printing, we separate the letters.
378 cursory सतही casual; hastily done A cursory examination of the ruins indicates the possibility of arson; a more extensive study should be undertaken.
379 curtail घटाना shorten; reduce During the coal shortage, we must curtail our use of this vital commodity.
379 cynical निंदक skeptical or distrustful of human motives cynical at all times, he was suspicious of all altruistic actions of others.
380 cynosure ऋक्ष object of general attention As soon as the movie star entered the room, she became the cynosure of all eyes.

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