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English Vocabulary with Hindi Meaning – Master Wordlist – W

English Vocabulary with Hindi Meaning – Master Wordlist – W

English Vocabulary with Hindi Meaning – Master Wordlist – W

Hello Friends, Today we are sharing with you English Vocabulary with Hindi Meaning. This is very helpful/useful for various competitive exams.

Sr No. Word शब्द Meaning Example
1 waffle वफ़ल speak equivocally about an issue When asked directly about the
governor’s involvement in the savings and loan scandal, the press secretary
waffled, talking all around the issue.
2 waft गूंज moved gently by wind or waves Daydreaming, he gazed at the
leaves that wafted past his window.
3 waggish चपल mischievous; humorous; tricky He was a prankster who,
unfortunately, often overlooked the damage he could cause with his waggish
4 waif परित्यक्त homeless child or animal Although he already had eight
cats, he could not resist adopting yet another feline waif.
5 waive माफ give up temporarily; yield I will waive my rights in this
matter in order to expedite our reaching a proper decision.
6 wallow कीचड़ में खींचना roll in; indulge in; become
The hippopotamus loves to wallow
in the mud.
7 wan पीला having a pale or sickly color;
Suckling asked, “Why so
pale and wan, fond lover?”
8 wane पतन grow gradually smaller From now until December 21, the
winter solstice, the hours of daylight will wane.
9 wangle जोड़-तोड़ wiggle out; fake She tried to wangle an
invitation to the party.
10 wanton प्रचंड unrestrained; willfully
malicious; unchaste
Pointing to the stack of bills,
Sheldon criticized Sarah for her wanton expenditures. In response, Sara
accused Sheldon of making an unfounded, wanton attack.
11 warble warble sing; babble Every morning the birds warbled
outside her window.
12 warrant वारंट justify; authorize Before the judge issues the
injunction, you must convince her this action is warranted.
13 warranty गारंटी guarantee; assurance by seller The purchaser of this automobile
is protected by the manufacturer’s warranty that he will replace any
defective part for five years or 50,000 miles.
14 warren ख़रगोश पालने का बाड़ा tunnels in which rabbits live;
crowded conditions in which people live
The tenement was a veritable
warren, packed with people too poor to live elsewhere.
15 wary सावधान very cautious The spies grew wary as they
approached the sentry.
16 wastrel ख़राबी profligate He was denounced as a wastrel
who had dissipated his inheritance.
17 wax मोम increase; grow With proper handling, his
fortunes waxed and he became rich.
18 waylay ताक में रहना ambush; lie in wait They agreed to waylay their
victim as he passed through the dark alley going home.
19 wean छुड़ाना accustom a baby not to nurse;
give up a cherished activity
He decided he would wean himself
away from eating junk food and stick to fruits and vegetables.
20 weather मौसम endure the effects of weather or
other forces
He weathered the changes in his
personal life with difficulty, as he had no one in whom to confide.
21 welt झालर mark from beating or whipping The evidence of child abuse was
very clear; Jennifer’s small body was covered with welts and bruises.
22 welter वेल्टरवेट turmoil; bewildering jumble The existing welter of
overlapping federal and state proclaims cries out for immediate reform.
23 welter वेल्टरवेट wallow At the height of the battle, the
casualties were so numerous that the victims weltered in their blood while
waiting for medical attention.
24 wheedle wheedle cajole; coax; deceive by
She knows she can wheedle almost
anything she wants from her father.
25 whelp पिल्ला young wolf, dog, tiger, etc. This collie whelp won’t do for
breeding, but he’d make a fine pet.
26 whet whet sharpen; stimulate The odors from the kitchen are
whetting my appetite; I will be ravenous by the time the meal is served.
27 whiff एहसास puff or gust (of air, scent,
etc.); hint
The slightest whiff of Old Spice
cologne brought memories of George to her mind.
28 whimsical सनकी capricious; fanciful He dismissed his generous gift
to his college as a sentimental fancy, an old man’s whimsical gesture.
29 whinny हिनाहिनाहट neigh like a horse When he laughed through his
nose, it sounded as if he whinnied.
30 whit कण smallest speck There is not a whit of
intelligence or understanding in your observations.
31 whittle छीलना pare; cut off bits As a present for Aunt Polly, Tom
whittled some clothespins out of a chunk of wood.
32 whorl वोर्ल ring of leaves around stem; ring Identification by fingerprints
is based on the difference in shape and number of whorls on the fingers.
33 willful खुदराय intentional; headstrong Donald had planned to kill his
wife for months; clearly, her death was a case of deliberate, willful murder,
not a crime of passion committed by a hasty, willful youth unable to foresee
the consequences of his deeds.
34 wily चतुर cunning; artful She is as wily as a fox in
avoiding trouble.
35 wince WinCE shrink back; flinch The screech of the chalk on the
blackboard made her wince.
36 windfall अप्रत्याशित fallen fruit; unexpected lucky
This huge tax refund is quite a
37 winnow फटकना sift; separate good parts from
This test will winnow out the
students who study from those who don’t bother.
38 winsome विनसम agreeable; gracious; engaging By her winsome manner, she made
herself liked by everyone who met her.
39 wispy wispy thin; slight; barely discernible Worried about preserving his few
wispy tufts of hair, Walter carefully massaged his scalp and applied hair
restorer every night.
40 wistful उदास vaguely longing; sadly pensive With a last wistful glance at
the happy couples dancing in the hall, Sue headed back to her room to study
for her exam.
41 withdrawn वापस लिया introverted; remote Rebuffed by his colleagues, the
initially outgoing young researcher became increasingly withdrawn.
42 wither कुम्हलाना shrivel; decay Cut flowers are beautiful for a
day, but all too soon they wither.
43 witless witless foolish; idiotic Such witless and fatuous
statements will create the impression that you are an ignorant individual.
44 witticism witticism witty saying; facetious remark What you regard as witticisms
are often offensive to sensitive people.
45 wizardry wizardry sorcery; magic Merlin amazed the knights with
his wizardry.
46 wizened wizened withered; shriveled The wizened old man in the home
for the aged was still active and energetic.
47 wont अभ्यस्त custom; habitual procedure As was his wont, he jogged two
miles every morning before going to work.
48 worldly सांसारिक engrossed in matters of this
earth; not spiritual
You must leave your worldly
goods behind you when you go to meet your Maker.
49 wrangle लड़ाई quarrel; obtain through arguing;
herd cattle
They wrangled over their
50 wrath कोप anger; fury She turned to him, full of
wrath, and said, “What makes you think I’ll accept lower pay for this
job than you get?”
51 wreak बरपा inflict I am afraid he will wreak his
vengeance on the innocent as well as the guilty.
52 wrench रिंच pull; strain; twist She wrenched free of her
attacker and landed a powerful kick to his kneecap.
53 wrest हथिया pull away; take by violence With only ten seconds left to
play, our team wrested victory from their grasp.
54 writ रिट written command issued by a
The hero of Leonard’s novel is a
process server who invents unorthodox ways of serving writs on reluctant
55 writhe उमेठना squirm, twist He was writhing in pain,
desperate for the drug his body required.
56 wry राइ twisted; with a humorous twist We enjoy Dorothy Parker’s verse
for its wry wit.

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English Vocabulary with Hindi Meaning – Master Wordlist – W
English Vocabulary with Hindi Meaning – Master Wordlist - W

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