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First in India Important Notes for All Competitive Exams

First in India Important Notes for All Competitive Exams PDF Free Download

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First in India

First President of India – Dr. Rajendra Prasad

  • First Vice President of India – Dr.S. Radhakrishnan
  • First Muslim President of India – Dr. Zakir Hussain
  • First Vice-President who died in harness – Krishna Kanth
  • First Chief Justice of India – Harilal. J. Kania
  • First Dalit Chief Justice of India – K.G. Balakrishnan
  • First British Governor General of Bengal – Warren Hastings
  • First Governor General of India – William Bentinck
  • First Governor General of Free India – Lord Mount Batten
  • First Viceroy of India – Lord Canning
  • First Indian to become the Governor General of free India – C.


  • First Indian to join I.C.S (now IAS) – Satyendra Nath Tagore
  • First Indian to become the member of Viceroy’s Executive Council – Lord


  • First Indian to become the Judge of International Court of Justice – Dr.B.N


  • First Indian to become the President of ICJ – Justice Nagendra Singh
  • First Indian in British Parliament – Dada Bhai Naoroji


First In Woman (INDIA)

  • First woman President

Ans : Pratibha Devi Singh Patil

  • First woman speaker of Lok Sabha

Ans : Mirakumar

  • First woman Prime Minister

Ans : Indira Gandhi

  • First woman Chief Minister of a State

Ans : Sucheta Kripalani

  • First woman Minister

Ans : Vijayalakshmi Pandit

  • First woman Central Minister

Ans : Rajkumari Amrit Kaur

  • First woman Governor of the State

Ans : Sarojini Naidu

  • First woman president of Indian National Congress

Ans : Annie Besant

  • First woman Ambassador

Ans : Vijayalekshmi Pandit

  • First woman President of UN General Assembly

Ans : Vijayalekshmi Pandit

  • First woman IAS Officer

Ans : Anna George malhotra

  • First woman IPS Officer

Ans : Kiran Bedi

  • First woman Advocate

Ans : Cornelia Sorabji

  • First woman Magistrate

Ans : Omana Kunjamma

  • First woman legislator

Ans : Muthu Lakshmi Reddy

  • First woman mayor in India

Ans : Tara Cherian

  • First woman Judge of High Court

Ans : Anna Chandi

  • First woman Judge of Suprem Court

ANS : M. Fathima Beevi

  • First woman Chief Justice of High Court

ANS : Leila Seth

  • First woman Election Commissioner

ANS : V.S. Rama Devi

  • First Chairperson of U.G.C

ANS : Maduri Sha

First woman Director General of Police

ANS : Kanchan Bhattacharya

  • First woman Chief Engineer

ANS : Mrs.P.K. Thresia

  • First Muslim woman to sit on the throne of Delhi

ANS : Razia Sultana

  • First woman to swim across the English Channel

ANS : Arati Saha

  • First woman to swim across the strait of Gibralter

ANS : Aarti Pradhan

  • First woman to circumnavigate (sail round the world)

ANS : Ujwala Rai

  • First woman to go into space

ANS : Kalpana Chawla

  • First woman to climb Mount Everest

ANS : Bachendri Pal

  • Youngest woman to Climb Mount Everest two times

ANS : Santhosh Yadav

  • First to be crowned the Miss World

ANS : Reita Faria

  • First to be crowned the Miss Universe

ANS : Susmita Sen

  • First woman pilot

ANS : Prem Mathur

  • First woman pilot in Indian Air Force

ANS : Haritha Kaur Deol

  • First woman Lt. General

ANS : Punita Arora

  • First woman Air Marshal

ANS : Padma Bandhopadyay

  • First Station Master

ANS : Rinku Sinha Roy

  • First woman to win Nobel prize

ANS : Mother Teresa

  • First woman to win Bharat Ratna

ANS : Indira Gandhi

  • First woman to win Magsaysay Award

ANS : Mother Teresa

  • First woman to win the Booker Prize

ANS : Arundhati Roy

  • First woman to receive the Sahithya Academy Award

ANS : Amrita Pritam

  • First woman to win Jnanapith Award

ANS : Asha Purna Devi

  • First female child artist in Indian cinema

ANS : Kamalabai Gokhale

  • First Indian woman to get an Oscar

ANS : Bhanu Athaiya

  • First woman to win an Olympic medal

ANS : Karnam Malleswari

  • First woman Olympic finalist

ANS : P.T. Usha

  • First Indian athlete to win a Medal in world championship

ANS : Anju Bobby George

  • First woman Cricketer to score double century

ANS : Mithali Raj

  • First Indian woman who was honoured as human computer

ANS : Shakuntala Devi


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