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How to Start a Blog in 2022 – The Beginner’s Guide

How to Start a Blog in 2022 – The Beginner’s Guide

How to Start a Blog in 2022 –  The Beginner’s Guide

Hello Readers, Are you would like to start a blog?

Here, we can
help to the users start a blog by their own.  

What is a

A blog is a type of informational website which has posts
(or entries) appearing in reverse chronological order. Blogs are typically administrated
by an individual or a small group of people to present information in webpage’s
form of posts. On the Internet, there are millions of blogs that produce a lot
of informational, business, money related and share technical based content.

There are many reasons to start a blog for personal use,
business purpose and some of well known reasons are:

  1. Attract Audience
  2. Create Opportunities
  3. Share your thoughts
  4. Tell your story or Biography
  5. Connect new people
  6. Make Money Online or Online Business
  7. Gain Technical Skills and any other

How can Start a blog? Make Money
Online 2022?            

Create a blog is very simple.
Here, the detailed step by step instructions will help to start a blog. After
completion of this article you will have a wonderful blog that be serving on
the internet.

 For 10+ years, we’ve been blogging &
making money online. This is the best way & right time to start blogging
(and make money from your blog).

Steps to start a blog:

Step 1: Choose a blogging platform

Step 2: Choose the best blog topic

Step3: Picking a domain name and get hosted

Step 4: Design of your blog with WordPress theme

Step 6: Write your first blog post

Step 7: Promote your blog and attract readers

Step 8: Monetize your blog


Step 1: Choose a Blogging Platform

There are many blogging platforms on the world wide web.  There are very popular blogger platforms, but
we have to choose better one that runs better on the internet.

1 ) 

2) Wix


4) Gator

5)  Drupal 

6) Joomla 

7)  Constant Contact Web Builder

8) Medium

9) Weebly

10) Squarespace

11) Typepad

12) Blogger

13) Tumblr

14 )Ghost

From the statistics, Almost 40% of the website on the
internet is powered by WordPress. and wordpress blog are two different blogging platforms. We
recommended to you get wordpress self hosted blog(   

Step 2:  Choose the best blog topic (niche)

Firstly, you need to know that “What is blog niche?”

It is very simple to describe
about the niche – “A blog niche is a
specific topic that blogger/author will write about on their blog” – Niche is
used to refer to a specific topic.  Blogging always begins with topic selection
that is main key to make your blog success.

Choosing a blog niche:  Blog on a single topic that will definitely
perform better, it has more chances of success are higher rather than opting
multiple topics of a blog.  Blog niches that make money depending on
the content you provided on your blog
. It should be very interesting while
reading your article to get more subscriptions.

The following tips that will help you to find your blog niche-topic.
1) Research/Find a topic that you know very well about it.  Explore the topic in all the directions like
use books, internet, etc., and you will talk few hours very comfortably on the
topic – that amount of knowledge you have to get it.
2) Before starting a blog, advice to use pen-paper or computer or tab, write
down about the topic and explore it without taking any reference. Once
completion of the draft text, try to add more content to it using books,
internet, etc.  While writing the topic
use post-title, heading, sub-heading, 
paragraph that makes the article very interesting to the users.

The topic your picking for the
blog that you like about it and writing about it. That makes you blog success
and your blog make some money.  Choosing
the appropriate niche is the most important step for starting a new blog.

Step3: Picking a domain name and get hosted

the right domain
name for your website vital part of your
blog/website make success.  Domain name
is Website’s internet address.  Choosing
a domain name for your website is not easy task.  If you picking the wrong domain name, it can
be very difficult to improve your website search ranking and not perform better
in search results.

to pick a domain name for your website

Choosing is a domain name is one of the most important task to starting
your blog/website.  There are few
rules/tips you should follow when picking a domain name.

1) Keep it short and easy to type

2) Use relevant keywords

3) Avoid numbers and hypens

4) Easy to remember and Easy to spell

5) Research it

You can search for availability of domain
names through domain name registrars or use separate online tools.  It will help you get available domains names
and its suggested extensions. These tools can save you a lot of time.  Example, Bluehostdomain suggestion feature  is use to
check if your domain name is available or not.

Hosting your blog:

What is Web hosting: Web hosting is an online service that allows us
to publish our website content onto the internet make live. Hosting provider keeps
your contents stays online 24*7 and your content includes your website design, images,
static text, etc.,  everything will be
stored on this hosting server.

Let’s start to host our blog. After a choosing a domain name of a website is
completed,  the next important thing is
to choose a reliable hosting service.  

There are plenty of hosting
service providers available to host your blog. But if you are new to blogger,
we recommend to use Bluehost hosting.  It
has so many features and offers for you to create a blog by your own.  Some important features of blue host service
are providing free SSL Certificate, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Storage,
Discount on domain name, User friendly C Panel, 24*7 Technical Support

Click here  to Bluehost

Click on Get started now

Choose your plan according to your requirements and features to launch your

Once the plan is selected, it redirects to the next page, where you can choose
your domain name.  if you don’t wish to select
domain name at present and you can do it later stage, you can click on Choose

in the next page, fill up your contact details. On the same page, there is a
package information about your package and its features which you would like to
include or exclude and it would shows a different price range for selecting

If you would like save some money, check domain privacy except everything.

Proceed for payment information to
pay the money after completing the required fields you opted of your package.  


Once you have completed your
payment, Bluehost will make your blog live on the internet in the next 10 to 15

Your wordpress blog will be active on the internet on the name of your domain
name, it can done by bluehost automatically.

Step 4: Design of
your blog with WordPress theme

Blog design is the most important key aspect of your blog becomes success. The
beautiful design of the blog attracts visitors, which increases the number of
frequent visits to your site and performs better in search results. Readers
like your website and remember it when you have a good design.

For WordPress, there are millions of WordPress Themes available to install for your blog. In that, there
are so many free and premium WordPress themes available. We recommend you to go
for a premium theme over the free theme because of free theme template has very
limited features against the premium template. In a premium template, you will
have high standard quality design along SEO components, for your blog.


Once you login in the WordPress, there is a dashboard, here
you can make changes whatever you want for your blog.

One of most and best feature of WordPress is that you can
change your entire blog layout and design by a few clicks.

If you would like to change your theme, just go to “Appearance”
tab on the left side menu. There you can see several free WordPress themes are available
for your blog. These are basic themes, well-designed, clean-looking themes that
can use it for your blog if like it. In fact, many of the world’s top bloggers
are using these basic themes.

To install a new WordPress theme, click on the “Appearance” tab on the left
menu and then click “Add New Theme”.

Once you should get your theme you really liked it, first
you can installed theme and click “Activate” to activate the theme on your

Remaining part Will be updated soon.!!!!!!



How to Start a Blog in 2022 – The Beginner’s Guide
How to Start a Blog in 2022 -  The Beginner’s Guide

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